Smart Parking

Apps Wave’s solution to the evolving times especially with autonomous driving technology. 


As the world embraces autonomous driving technology and connected, cognitive cars, smart parking technology can no longer be an afterthought. AppsWave is leading this innovation space with its Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR). Also known as the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system, this application uses live video streams of moving vehicles and captured snapshots of stationary cars to recognize license plate contents automatically.

ANPR’s sensitive and well-trained Optical Character Recognition engine (OCR) extracts alphabets and numbers from license plates almost instantaneously — then stores the data in computer-recognizable formats. Its system components include the ANPR Camera, a processor powered by a recognition algorithm, a Video Frame Grabber, Oracle and SQL Databases, hard drives like illuminators, Relay, and LED, and web applications with optional mobile applications as well.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition System has two modes of operation: free flow and stop and go. The stop and go mode is suitable for places like parking lots and checkpoints where vehicles have to make multiple sudden stops. The free flow mode, on the other hand, works best for highways, general entrances, and exits.



ANPR is a customizable system that can read and understand license plates written in Arabic and Latin dialects like English and UAE Arabic with 98% accuracy. In just a fraction of a second, the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System can capture and display vehicle attributes like colour, vehicle model, and the country of origin of multiple number plates simultaneously.

24/7 Performance Guarantee

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition System allows you to leverage the power of data analytics both day and night. The system is not only sensitive to solar radiation, but it is fitted with audio and visual alarms that go off when the program identifies an unknown, damaged, missing, or blacklisted license plate.

Centralized Storage Features

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition System will help your organization gather and manage crucial contractor, tenant, visitor and staff license information to automate repetitive check-in and check-out processes while enhancing the building’s security.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition System will digitize your parking lot with options to store and manipulate transaction records.

It even displays a vehicle’s frequency of visits and average stay time, among other useful statistical and transactional reports.

Maximum Efficiency

ANPRS’s efficiency is based on the system’s ability to avoid junk data and utilize computing resources sparingly thanks to its multi NP-Image mapping capabilities. With the click of a button, system administrators can add or delete profiles and grant special permissions and roles to specific users.

Omnichannel Experience

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition System supports many third-party applications – be it on mobile or web platforms. It also has flexible configurations.


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