Modern Digital Workspace Experience

Apps Wave’s Office 356 Modern Digital Workspace promises to digitize your  workflow therefore helping organizations in streamlining business operations especially during this pandemic.


Employee engagement and production efficiencies are the most significant concerns as organizations look to decentralize their workplaces in the wake of Covid-19. AppsWave promises to digitize your entire workflow, using Powell Technology, one of the best Microsoft Teams integrations, infused with our state of the art modules. 

Our Modern Digital Workspace Experience improves engagement by encouraging independent learning, gamifying training and rewards, and incentivizing operations. Whether your team is working from home or from a centralized workplace, the Modern Digital Workspace, will help your organization accommodate passionate and driven employees more effectively despite the on-going pandemic. Further, the Modern Digital Workspace’s capacity to streamline business operations by getting rid of standard roadblocks ensures that you do not lose any money to arbitrary tasks.

The AI-enabled Modern Digital Workspace Experience exploits Powell software’s sophisticated and adaptive system that is compatible with MS Teams, and both Mobile and Web Apps and aims to provide a customized user experience. It is a Low Code platform that incorporates UI Drag and Drop functionality for better content editing and management experiences.


Consolidated Intranet and Applications:

The Modern Digital Workspace uses its unified landing pages and Intranet portal to reduce the time taken to edit and post content by introducing functionalities like its famous drag and drop feature.

Smart Workflows and Forms:

Our Modern Digital Workspace provides a one-stop-shop for automating repetitive tasks like managing documents and workflows.

System Integration

Our Modern Digital Workspace is a convenient, bug-free software whose core systems can easily integrate with multiple platforms, from portals to bots and MS teams.

A Security-First Approach

By fully utilizing secure digital Microsoft Intune through Powell 365, the Modern Digital Workspace allows you to be more productive without having to worry about data security.

Cognitive Chatbots and Adoption Program

AppsWave’s AI-powered chatbots are trained to assist users by suggesting features and displaying adaptive cards on your preferred portal, including the Powell-enabled MS Teams. Fitted with the latest in natural language processing and IoT technologies, the Modern Digital Workspace takes collaboration and efficient task management very seriously.


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