Covid-19 Tracing and Social Distancing System


The Covid-19 Pandemic has made everyone wary of being in contact with people but the AppsWave’s Covid-19 Tracing & Social Distancing Solution can help you and your business.

Covid-19’s unprecedented global impacts on social interactions and traditional work cultures are forcing companies to innovate to keep up with the demands of government-initiated lockdowns and social distancing rules. In line with these efforts, AppsWave has developed a Covid-19 Tracing and Social Distancing Solution that is especially suitable for construction sites, restaurants, education facilities, logistics centers, elderly care facilities, and public services. The application traces contact points during the spread of contagious infections like Covid-19.

To fulfill this herculean task, AppsWave had to develop a mobile app tracker that could detect nearby devices and send alerts if two users stayed close to each other for too long. The Covid-19 Tracing and Social Distancing system is ideal for both indoor/outdoor movements and tracking people under mandatory quarantine. For this cloud-based and AI-powered solution to work in a typical setting, every user must download, install, and keep the software running at all times.

The Covid-19 Tracing and Social Distancing system can also use beacon gateways to read beacon cards to provide real-time indoor location data over a range of 1 to 100 meters.  Any beacon cardholder, be it visitors or employees, does not need to download and install the mobile app; the system automatically identifies their cards, duration of stay, and movement heatmaps.


Scanning and Beaconing Technology

The Covid-19 Tracing and Social Distancing system detects users who are within proximity, and alerts are sent when risk thresholds are surpassed.

Microsoft Azure

Data is hosted on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform and is accessible at the convenience of authorized personnel. 

Wireless Connectivity

Data transmission occurs automatically over both public and private wireless networks. Wireless transmission minimizes the costs of connectivity and ownership of tracing and social distancing infrastructure. 

Omnichannel Experience

The Covid-19 Tracing and Social Distancing system is available on mobile and via beacon cards. Users can either install the mobile application or carry their beacon cards around for a successful implementation. 

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