Smart Attendance – Industry 4.0

Due to the global impact of the corona virus pandemic on face to face interactions, our smart attendance systems are the ideal touch-less, cost-effective facilitators of the decentralized work environment. They automate tedious, repetitive tasks like tracking your teams’ clock in and clock out times so you won’t have to spend money on biometric devices.

The Smart Attendance – Industry 4.0: 

  • Is a robust system
  • Intelligently and safely records and stores employee check-in and check-out times without the need for touch screens or fingerprints. 
  • It also uses a smart card to assess and communicate with employee availability. 

Product Features

The Smart Attendance – Industry 4.0 is the smartest way to track visitor or employee movements instantaneously. 

Impressive User Experience:

The modern workplace demands state-of-the-art collaboration technologies that can easily integrate with existing systems and provide the very best user experience.

One Touchless Card for All

For real-time location tracking that is suitable for social distancing use cases, trust in Smart Attendance – Industry 4.0. Our smart attendance systems also come with water and dustproof cards that are both Bluetooth 5.0 and beacon-enabled to monitor and improve the safety of all your assets. Since the smart card has RFID/NFC capabilities, it can be optimized for other use cases like smart parking and access to printers.

Smart Attendance 4.0

With just one smart card, employees are automatically clocked in and tracked when they walk into the office building. Smart Attendance 4.0 also records and displays attendance notifications and attendance summaries via mobile applications and MS Teams. It also has employee social distancing tracking features that are crucial for minimizing the scale and severity of the novel coronavirus pandemic. If necessary, AppsWave can also install facial recognition software for identification purposes.

Incredible Mobile-Centered Solutions Equipped with GeoFencing

Our smart attendance solutions are designed for both Android and iOS user experiences. With the help of Smart Attendance – Industry 4.0., your organization can establish virtual geographic boundaries and leverage the modern face detection functionality to screen employees on the go.

Tracking and Occupancy Heat Map

 Our heatmaps use graphical data representation to show you the links your customers click on and how far down the landing page your users were able to go.

Timeless Technology

We develop future-proof smart attendance technologies today that will still be valuable tomorrow. From asset tracking, smart parking, gate access, printing, and inspection rounds to visitor management, emergency cases, and IoT integration, our touchless smart card solutions are designed to support myriad implementation environments.

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