Smart Mirror

Apps Wave’s Smart Mirror helps in employees and customers viewing of meetings and other feeds while waiting.


Smart Mirrors are two-way reflective glasses fitted with LED display systems and hardware.

While using a smart mirror, you can view the current time, scheduled appointments, social media and news feeds, and weather forecast, among others.

More importantly, AppsWave’s Smart Mirrors incorporate Visitor Management Systems that display context-appropriate information or insights to visitors.

From giving visitors directions to functioning as an AI-enabled receptionist that responds to voice commands, AppsWave’s Smart Mirrors have limitless capabilities.

The size of the smart mirror is customized according to your needs.


Touch Screen

Smart Mirror’s touch functionality makes it more interactive by enabling you to input information and navigate through the system.

LED Lighting

The display system is powered by a Light Emitting Diode flat-screen component that utilizes minimal power because of its lightweight and short dept. The LED monitor also adds magnificent lighting to the environment in which a Smart Mirror is placed

Motion Detector

Smart Mirror has a live camera feed that detects movement in real-time. If it fails to sense any movement over an extended period, the screen goes off as the system switches to sleep mode in a bid to minimize power wastage. Smart Mirror also turns on automatically and displays information such as weather forecasts and time when someone walks into the room.

Voice Control

Thanks to Smart Mirror’s state-of-the-art voice recognition software and microphone technology, users can speak out their commands to access different applications or information.

Facial Recognition Software

In addition to motion, Smart Mirrors detect faces. Individual users log in once, and the smart mirror customizes displayed information to the identity of its audience. 
This way, personal information remains private without users having to log in and out, while general information, like time and weather updates, can be consumed by the public. Smart Mirror also captures and sends images to administrators automatically when it detects a strange face.


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