LMS on top of Liferay

Learning Management System is the ultimate training management tool: It improves the employees’ learning experience by using AI to make training courses more productive, easy to track, and cost-efficient. With LMS on top of Liferay, you can upload learning materials, send notifications, share user data, and deliver training sessions virtually. Because information is only accessible behind secure log-in forms, employers and employees can enjoy peace of mind as they attend lessons on-the-go under the strict regulation of supervisors and administrators.


Backend Features

LMS on top of Liferay  allows administrators to add course details like instructor name, student name, and other metadata.

They can also: Analyze User performance, Schedule course events, and Upload course videos and outlines and assignment forms.

Admin users further Control Site Themes apart from all the course data; they also Supervise Learners by managing organizations and categories and adding and editing trainee roles as well as certificate templates.

LMS on top of Liferay orchestrates a curiosity mindset through the combination of multiple courses into distinct learning paths.

Frontend Features

The system’s front-end user interface is not only custom-built according to your organization’s brand identity and preferences, but Liferay also has a responsive mobile UI/UX. Learners can register new user profiles or log in to existing accounts to view course information. Some of the information they have access to include skillset and certifications, course outlines, and upcoming events. Liferay has a smart AI assistant that can be trusted to help users navigate the platform and ask questions if they feel lost.

System Deployment and Integrations

LMS on top of Liferay  integrates with HR systems to collect and manipulate user data; the ACTIVE Directory also facilitates user logins – though the system also supports sign-ins via social media platforms. Liferay is a powerful and adaptable learning platform that runs on the Cloud or on Prem and uses MS Office 365 to view and edit documents and data, and MS Teams to access course details and for web conferencing.

Enhanced Security

Centralized, cognitive big data engine that allows course creators, users, and administrators to sign in and finish tasks securely.

Event Planning and Management

Manage and schedule follow-up support and invitations to events using a predictive algorithm tailored to meet the daily needs of your business activities.  


Trainers create user profiles that are awarded learning badges and certificates after achieving specific milestones.


Fitted with automated performance management and test scoring software that relies on user behaviour to tailor the experience. This feature is especially critical for remote learning environments where physical contact is limited. 

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