Hayyak – The Arabic AI Chatbot Platform

An artificial intelligence-based instant messaging platform that would be the perfect fit for great consumer experiences. Our Cognitive Arabic Chatbots do not just support small customer queries and automated responses; they also allow your clients to submit requests, issue payments and even track personal user data.

 The Smart Arabic Chatbot is an advanced IM platform that is:

  • Available on most channels, like mobile, web, and social media
  • Uses state of the art multilingual natural language understanding capabilities.
  • Fully managed bot experience will zero the IT overhead and make sure you maintain the max of user experience and bot capabilities.
  • It is a cost-efficient conventional platform.
  • Allows easy addition of questions, answers and turn to turn conversations.
  • Hayyak AI can understand the users’ inquiries and develop appropriate responses in real-time.
  • Custom-built according to your integrations and branding guidelines.
  • Easy integration with existing systems and APIs.

Hayyak Features

Building Bots with great features!


Multilingual Cognitive Bots

Without a comprehensive localization strategy, many market expansion efforts are likely to fail. with Hayyak AI, you get an AI personal assistant that is efficient in 

  • Multi dialect Arabic
  • English, 
  • French, 
  • and many more languages.


Bot Channels

The Cognitive Arabic Chatbot supports multiple channels and basically any channel that supports a custom connector such as mobile, web, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, it also works with messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Teams, enabling your organization to build versatile collaboration tools and scale. Not to mention that our hardware channels are particularly tailored for your business needs and the consumer experience.


Natural Language Processing and Understanding (TEXT AND SPEECH)

Several factors determine a machine’s capacity to understand human language. Word-for-word interpretations are unlikely to convey complex messages and feelings because they fail to account for context and the social implications of specific words and phrases. Smart Arabic Chatbot uses Natural Language Processing and Understanding to review, examine, and communicate both verbal and written user input with high accuracy, precision, and scale. Your productivity is bound to surge as the personnel concentrates on other high-value, creative endeavors.

Chatbot Integrations

Since our bots are fully customized, the bot can integrate with any API or integration-enabled systems to give your bot all kinds of automation capabilities and custom understanding of tasks.

Use Bots on Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp

Benefit from the flexibility of MS Teams as you develop more efficient communication and collaboration channels or even communicate through the most famous messaging app on planet earth; WhatsApp.

Chatbot Customization

Just like how UX writers reduce cognitive load by writing succinct, frictionless and user-centric copy for applications, we write as if your user is having an instant chat with a real human and not a machine, our specialized team of conversational design and experience studied all kinds of user/chatbot behaviors to make this chatbot capable of having its own personality in terms of user interface, user interaction with the bot, messages layout and conversational experience and authoring.

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