Digital Exhibition Made Awesome (DEMA)

Through DEMA, AppsWave’s team has fulfilled its mission of bringing truly digital experiences into exhibitions, theme parks, and zoos.

By gathering and analyzing big data to extract the insights used to adapt machines to human behavior, our vision is to create a connected and cognitive environment that is customized according to your preferences and optimized for the best ROIs. Some of our solutions include IoT and wearables, VR/AR, games, AI and cognitive chatbots, and both native and cross-platform mobility, and iBeacons.

Our comprehensive DEMA solutions account for experiences before, during, and after the visit. Before making a visit, a visitor can set up their profile, schedule a visit, book parking spots, and explore multiple e-commerce solutions. During the visit, DEMA assists users with indoor navigations and AR indoor experiences. DEMA is also fully equipped with a loyalty program functionality, an online radio, interactive map, children tracking systems, treasure hunts, and mobile payment capabilities. After a visit, users have access to survey engines and gamification results. They can also share their experiences with other visitors using tools like the Happiness Indicator. DEMA solutions comprise of an eco-system of kids and car services, logistics, aviation, delivery, and airlines APIs.    


Informative Analytics

DEMA’s information management systems provide enhanced business insights, improve the quality and consistency of data while saving you both time and operational costs.


DEMA is rich in customizable microservices; it also supports third-party integration. From payment integration to booking and logistics APIs, DEMA automates the entire process. 


Web + Backend Module

DEMA is compatible with a wide array of web-based applications. You get to enjoy a personalized CMS experience and deploy e-commerce platforms and logic apps to advance your value proposition.


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