Data Hub


Datahub is a unique big data collection and real-time visualization engine that is popular among leading UAE organizations — having replaced top industry rivals. Datahub’s cloud-based applications can run many operational, analytical, and transactional programs simultaneously with impressive reliability and at minimal costs. Without coding skills, you can create brand-specific mobile applications, 360 Reviews, exams, NPS, feedback forms, and checklists. Datahub is also available in many languages!


Comprehensive, Cognitive Cloud-Based Solutions

Rather than investing more in integrating multiple cloud services, leverage Datahub’s advanced logic platform by creating the best DBMS independent applications, forms, and surveys in any language. Datahub works with MS SQL, MYSQL, and Oracle. 

Full Automation

Quickly create scheduled campaigns, analyze demographics with the click of a button. Datahub, an open integration, multi-tenant platform, also provides remote, instant access to big data on multiple channels while letting you manage users simultaneously.

Structured Data

Collect and analyze timely, personalized data for optimal decision making and low-cost management.

Distribution Channels

Datahub is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile applications; it also supports web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox and allows social media sharing on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also integrate the platform with SMS, Email, and Whatsapp functionalities or uses embedded codes to attach and publish from your own web pages.

Advanced Demographics Analysis

Datahub collects and manipulates multiple variables depending on the needs of your target audience. Some examples include physical locations, contact information, and personal attributes. 

Input Fields

Other than barcode scanners and file uploads, Datahub is also designed to support signature, annotation, rating, and ranking functionalities.  

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