Smart Mirror

Apps Wave’s Smart Mirror helps in employees and customers viewing of meetings and other feeds while waiting. Smart Mirrors are two-way reflective glasses fitted with LED display systems and hardware. While using a smart mirror, you can view the current time, scheduled appointments, social media and news feeds, and weather forecast, among others. More importantly, Read More

VR Meditation Room

The VR meditation & relaxation simulation is an experience designed to calm the mind and provide the user a sense of relaxation and tranquility. The entire experience is designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind, with minimum intrusiveness. The workplace can often be a source of intense stress, anxiety, and burnout. However, it can also Read More

Data Hub

Datahub is a unique big data collection and real-time visualization engine that is popular among leading UAE organizations -- having replaced top industry rivals. Datahub’s cloud-based applications can run many operational, analytical, and transactional programs simultaneously with impressive reliability and at minimal costs. Without coding skills, you can create brand-specific mobile applications, 360 Reviews, exams, Read More

Digital Exhibition Made Awesome (DEMA)

Through DEMA, AppsWave’s team has fulfilled its mission of bringing truly digital experiences into exhibitions, theme parks, and zoos. By gathering and analyzing big data to extract the insights used to adapt machines to human behavior, our vision is to create a connected and cognitive environment that is customized according to your preferences and optimized Read More

LMS on top of Liferay

Learning Management System is the ultimate training management tool: It improves the employees’ learning experience by using AI to make training courses more productive, easy to track, and cost-efficient. With LMS on top of Liferay, you can upload learning materials, send notifications, share user data, and deliver training sessions virtually. Because information is only accessible Read More

Hayyak – The Arabic AI Chatbot Platform

An artificial intelligence-based instant messaging platform that would be the perfect fit for great consumer experiences. Our Cognitive Arabic Chatbots do not just support small customer queries and automated responses; they also allow your clients to submit requests, issue payments and even track personal user data.  The Smart Arabic Chatbot is an advanced IM platform Read More

Smart Attendance – Industry 4.0

Due to the global impact of the corona virus pandemic on face to face interactions, our smart attendance systems are the ideal touch-less, cost-effective facilitators of the decentralized work environment. They automate tedious, repetitive tasks like tracking your teams’ clock in and clock out times so you won’t have to spend money on biometric devices. Read More

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