Smart Parking


As the world em***aces autonomous driving technology and connected, cognitive cars, smart parking technology can no longer be an afterthought. AppsWave is leading this innovation space with its Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR). Also known as the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system, this application uses live video streams of moving vehicles and captured snapshots of stationary cars to automatically recognize license plate contents.

ANPR’s extremely sensitive and well-trained Optical Character Recognition engine (OCR) extracts alphabets and numbers from license plates almost instantaneously -- then stores the data in computer recognizable formats. Its system components include the ANPR Camera, a processor powered by a recognition algorithm, a Video Frame Grabber, Oracle and SQL Databases, hard drives like illuminators, Relay, and LED, and web (as well as optional mobile) applications.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition System has two modes of operation: free flow and stop and go. The stop and go mode is suitable for places like parking lots and checkpoints where vehicles have to make multiple sudden stops. The free flow mode, on the other hand, works best for highways, general entrances, and exits.

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