Cylindrical may be the de facto type for many smart speakers, as well as the WK7 goes on this trend

Cylindrical may be the de facto type for many smart speakers, as well as the WK7 goes on this trend wat kost minichat

The LG WK7 marks a couple of firsts when it comes down to Korean icon. Ita€™s the organizationa€™s basic attempt in to the ever-growing smart speaker market. Ita€™s also one of the first products to appear as part of the latest collaboration between LG and British acoustics specialist Meridian.

The great benefits of this cooperation to both companies are unmistakeable. LG offers Meridian coverage in new product categories inside the consumer AV markets and for the component, Meridian gives many years of experience, in markets such as for example sound operating and speaker layout, towards table.

The WK7 even enjoys a€?with Meridian technologya€™ stamped on its outdoor. But of course, the evidence is in the evaluating. Can the LG WK7 ThinQ Speaker (to give it its full and unsnappy name) perform both brand names fairness?

Style and create

Cylindrical is the de facto kind for a number of smart speakers, additionally the WK7 goes on this pattern. Ita€™s a chunky and tallish product, larger than the Amazon Echo 2 although not very as rotund once the Apple HomePod, with an identical impact on the Sonos One.

That grey exterior looks just a little insipid near the wise white end of a Sonos One, but indicates mixing in wona€™t be a problem. For A?200, the WK7 furthermore feels reassuringly weighty.

Unlike the HomePod, with its extravagant subwoofer-on-top arrangement and circular selection of tweeters, the LG keps things easy. Through the metal grille you could make completely a forward-firing dome tweeter seated above a mid/bass driver. Both are made from aluminum.


The WK7 operates over your wi-fi system, or you can hook up options via Bluetooth. Therea€™s no 3.5mm input, but on a wireless wise audio speaker whichna€™t the the termination of the whole world.

Unlike Sonos, LG dona€™t give you a choice of running two WK7s as a stereo pair. Ita€™s perhaps not a deal-breaker, but worth keeping in mind yet.

LG says the WK7 could be the basic smart presenter to make use of the Android affairs program, it states will boost the user experience and invite builders to help make the the majority of the platforma€™s functionality.

It falls under LGa€™s ThinQ make of man-made cleverness services and products, and it is running on Google Assistant. The speaker comes with Chromecast inbuilt, in order to supply between and connect with suitable root and displays.

The LG WK7 aids all the typical file forms, and local 24bit/96kHz and 24bit/192kHz hi-res audio playback. Any lower-quality acoustics try instantly upsampled to 24bit/96kHz.

You can easily get a handle on the WK7 a variety of ways. Talking-to the audio speaker is just one alternative – the 2 tiny holes on both sides associated with levels regulation include mics. In case your dona€™t elegant having Google Assistant listening inside history, you’ll be able to mute the mics by tapping a button about straight back from the WK7.

Applea€™s HomePod boasts six mics, but the Bing associate in the WK7 still does a decent work of answering. Despite musical blasting away at anti-social grade, therea€™s a high probability their voice will however enter.

Ita€™s not perfect but, within our event, virtual personnel rarely include.

Therea€™s furthermore the Bing Home software. Youa€™re encouraged to install the apple’s ios or Android os variation, of the Google Assistant once you fire up the WK7 a€“ ita€™s the fastest way of getting the audio speaker onto your house network.

Ita€™s an appealing user interface, and intuitive too. Whether you intend to find out more about appropriate solutions or create a multi-room system, the app is there to greatly help.

Finally, therea€™s LGa€™s very own Wi-Fi presenter application. It seems and feels dated, try difficult to use together with wording on a number of its menus was somewhat peculiar.

The actual only real explanation youra€™d visit this as opposed to the Google Home software is when you want to access any additional noises options built into the WK7.


Within application, there was range to enable and disable what LG phone calls evident Vocal and improved Bass.

The former makes vocals much more prominent, moving them completely into the soundfield and adding added reinforcement. Aforementioned enhances the amount and impact of bass wavelengths.

Ita€™s usually really worth experimenting with such settings, but on this occasion wea€™d steer clear. Both modes sacrifice cohesiveness and quality of audio to these a qualification the downsides surpass any advantages.

Change these settings off, rank the speaker in spot of a bedroom – on a bookshelf or near a back wall surface – whilea€™ll hear the WK7 performing at the top. As well as its ideal is quite good-by wise speaker criteria.

We start off with a Tidal stream of Musea€™s Madness additionally the LG will get off to a great beginning.

The speaker drives the tune along with function, and really does an excellent tasks of differentiating involving the tight-fitting punchy bass notes while the somewhat smudged low-frequency pulses.

Matt Bellamya€™s vocal shipments is obvious and clean. They offers space and equivalent billing utilizing the lowest lows and highest levels.

Therea€™s no sign of the harshness or sibilance that may often blight cordless speakers during this cost. Neither does the presenter run the safer path and pick an overly soft or rolled-off sound.

Enjoy chat Tonight by Oasis and Noela€™s vocal and classical guitar gamble work well in tandem.

The WK7 brings a soundstage with amazing size, and good top and width. The LG doesna€™t complete a-room quite in addition to the fruit HomePod, but delivers a larger feeling of space and a much bigger soundstage compared to Sonos One.

But the LG drops down with regards to stabilize. The spot where the finest in course maintain an even stability across the board, the LG can appear slightly unsteady.

Certain bass records tend to be overegged as well as have a tendancy to protrude into the soundstage. It canna€™t spoil the sound, howevera€™re aware of they whenever playing certain kinds of sounds.

We’d additionally including most drive in the LG’s demonstration; a little more rhythmical precision will make for a vital sound.


After the announcement back in December 2017, we had been fascinated to see the way the entire LG/Meridian partnership would evolve.

A sensible speaker are a sensible place to begin, and while we can easilyna€™t call the WK7 class-leading ita€™s a pleasant replacement for the current pace-setters from fruit and Sonos, and worth auditioning.

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